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Air Mount Technic has an established trading arm, specializing in legacy helicopter engines, transmissions, fuel controls and a range of other dynamic helicopter parts. With an established network based on a collective 40 years of experience in North America and Asia, our team sources and trades spare parts that are otherwise hard to source. Our focus is on helicopter parts associated with USA manufactures such as Bell, Sikorsky and engines by Honeywell, General Electric.


Air Mount Technic has a Parts Manufacture Approval (PMA) division specializing in developing and bringing to market non-OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) aircraft parts. PMAs are parts that are fully approved by aviation regulatory bodies such as the FAA, EASA and CASA and offer equivalent or better quality and performance when compared to the OEM part. Moreover, they represent a significant value saving for operators as PMAs are priced significantly lower than overpriced OEM parts.

Records Management & Technical Oversight

Air Mount Technic manages records on behalf of lessors and aircraft operators. This can involve everything from digitizing and correctly filing paper records to auditing aircraft log books and other pertinent records. Other work includes installation and certification oversight with respect to specific aircraft STCs (Supplemental Type Certificates).
Air Mount Technic has also been engaged on occasion to do pre-purchase inspections of aircraft as well as evaluate records, storage conditions and provide valuation assistance where necessary.

Airborne Searchlight

Air Mount Technic is an authorized reseller of Leonardo SpA’s dual-mode infrared internally mounted helicopter searchlight. This advanced searchlight is designed for military and quasi-public mission roles, ranging from maritime patrol to search & rescue to police enforcement. The searchlight is a standard ‘form, fit and function’ replacement for the existing dated unit but incorporates a range of upgrades in both functionality, durability and capability. Unlike the existing standard helicopter searchlight, it incorporates a unique infrared capability and thus allows the operator to see in the dark without the risk of being detected. Furthermore, the visible light uses advanced LED technology to deliver a much brighter beam in visible mode, thereby improving both safety and mission capabilities. The searchlight can rotate 360 degrees and is fully retractable. The searchlight can be installed on a wide range of helicopters and is currently undergoing commercial certification on additional aircraft models.


Air Mount Technic is the exclusive Asian reseller for Katz-Eye – a unique military-grade searchlight incorporating both visible and Infrared light features. Designed as a mobile unit for quick deployment in the field, the searchlight incorporates a range of features optimized for night time detection of illegal or illicit activities.
Katz-Eye is a Aimed specifically at military and law enforcement agencies, the Katz-Eye offers both a high intensity searchlight in two modes, namely Visible and Invisible (Infrared) mode. The searchlight comes with a head mounted fourth generation infrared optical unit as well as a wide range of accessories. The searchlight and all accessories are contained within a Pelican case and weigh less than 25kg. The units are totally self-contained with battery and power settings optimized for extended use in the field.
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Air Mount Technic is an aviation focused business based in Bangkok, Thailand. The company has three divisions, namely a Parts Trading arm, a PMA manufacturing and licensing arm, and a distribution arm for searchlights (both airborne-based and ground units).